date: 1-5 febbraio

orario: 9.30 - 16.30

modalità: in diretta via Zoom

lingua: inglese

docente: Cathy Olmedillas, art director per Anorak e Dot magazine


Cathy Olmedillas è la fondatrice di Anorak e Dot magazine, due fortunate riviste UK rivolte ai bambini.

Il workshop sviluppa la progettazione di illustrazioni per un numero della rivista sotto la guida Cathy e su brief reale.

Un'occasione, per confrontarsi con un medium così diffuso all'estero e in crescente espansione.



Cathy Olmedillas

art director Anorak magazine

Anorak was launched in 2006 by Anorak Studio. Located in the United Kingdom, the publishing house was founded in 2006 by Cathy Olmedillas, formerly of The Face and Sleazenation. The magazine, billed as the 'happy mag for kids' is a unisex publication aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old.Olmedillas developed the magazine after realizing, as a new mother, that there weren't any titles targeted at children that she wanted to read with her son. As of 2017, the magazine has a per issue print run of 15,000.

Each issue is themed and designed to be kept and collected, like magazines of the past. Anorak features original artwork by artists including Jayde Perkin who points to the "range of styles" included in the magazine's art direction as a reason both adults and children can enjoy the publication. In 2014, The Guardian the publication one of the Top Five magazines for children.

Anorak Studio produces a sister magazine, Dot, which is aimed at children under five years of age. 

Programma in dettaglio:

Day 1
Introduction to the Happy Mags for Kids.
The history of Anorak and DOT and the joys of going back to our childhoods for inspiration. 
In the afternoon we will do a workshop based on reminiscing and drawing the most fun episode of our childhoods.

Day 2
Story telling for kids.
We will take one story and explore many ways on how to bring it to life, through collages, drawing in various techniques and also exploring different layouts, from comics to single images.

Day 3 *live brief*

Working to a theme: FAMILY.
We will explore the concept of FAMILIES and create a short story, non-fiction piece or a game based on that theme. 

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